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Oh and i only found the server because you are litterally using the same posts in some cases as block city jail which i recently googled to see if the old forums are still up:  
8 months ago

Regardless of the rebrand this server is block city jail with a coat of paint. I have no doubt it required effort to go from 1.8 to 1.15 but to be quite honest its the same server. I played block city jail for a significant portion of the servers life, I was one of the first players to reach prestige 4 when the prestige system was added and while you likely wont remember my username you surely do remember the groups Hydro and Dynamic which i was at some stage members of. With all the time i put into block city jail i remember a significant amount about the server even after all these years, you are using the same cell hiring system, same drop down and red carpet PvP at spawn, same sewer system with black market and the list goes on. You even have the same donor ranks even down to what commands they give and what enchants the pickaxes have (Except god which for some reason was reduced from level 20 to level 15 enchants in line with king?) With this being essentially the same server i was annoyed to find that ranks from the last server didnt carry over, this would be understandable if the server was a new experience but its really not, its the exact same server that closed 4 years ago now, I was elite with 2 plots and a nickname and while i doubt i will be getting those back i also have no intentions of buying new ranks. If the server picks up i would consider playing for old times sake but in its current state it just feels like the end of the old server with no one online and the exact same gameplay loop.
8 months ago